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Center for Stress Medicine

Our mission is to provide simple fun and effective solutions which promote healing, prevent illness, and sustain the well being of the individual, their families, our communities, and the environment. 

Behavioral genetic health

Offering Innovations in integrative medicine and behavioral health

Welcome to The Center for Stress Medicine

Our passion is to provide the best patient care by using a team approach and

integrative medicine principals. 

Our team consists of Dr. Sara VanAnrooy, MD, Kayli Meyers, NBC-HWC and Abby Appleman, MA.

Visit the Our Staff tab to learn more about how each of them contributes to what makes us unique. 

Located in Castle Rock, CO


Physician Board Certification Integrative and FunctionalMedicine
Relationships nutrition fun

Solutions which are fun are also more sustainable as well as more effective in changing mental outlook efficiently

Evidence outcome based proven

We help our clients find individualized solutions which are evidence based, supported by medical research as well as providing measurable outcome for reaching their goals

Simple health images

Solutions which are as simple as possible are more likely to be both initiated and sustained.

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