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Frequently Asked Questions

-Do you accept insurance?

We are not currently accepting any insurance for services. While we do not participate in managed care panels, we will provide a superbill, which you may submit to insurance for reimbursement if you have out of network benefits. We do not guarantee insurance reimbursement. However, please always bring your insurance card to your appointments. Several of the outside companies we work with accept insurance. 

-How long does the first appointment generally take? 

Please allow for 2 hours of your time for your first appointment with Dr. Van Anrooy and 1 hour for your first appointment with Kayli Meyers, MBC-HWC

-Typically how long are the follow up appointments? 

The second visit with Dr. Van Anrooy can take 90 minutes of your time, and then after that you will design a plan with the doctor for how frequently  you return and for how long. Our follow up visits are generally 35 and 20 minutes. 

Follow up visits with Kayli Meyers, CWC are generally 35 to 20 minutes, frequency will be determined by the plan that you develop with the provider. 

Both providers also provide the option telehealth by phone or video communication* appointments as long as you are seen in office regularly. This can be discussed directly with your provider.


*We are currently using Cisco Webex for our video communication platform. 

-What is genetic testing? 

We are currently able to offer panels from two genetic testing companies. 


The first genetic company is Genomind. The Genecept Assay test through Genomind helps to reduce the amount of trial and error in your treatment. We are then able to narrow down medications and design a genetically specific wellness plan customized for you. Please find more information at or our genetics page. 

The second genetic company we work with is Pathway Genomics. We are able to offer a variety of wellness orientated genetic tests through this company. These tests are designed to show eating behaviors, food reactions, beneficial exercise practices, and a diet guidelines specified for each patient. Please find more information at or our genetics page. 

We also offer genetic testing as an independent services. This means that non-patients can also get the testing and review appointment with one of our clinicians without becoming an established patient with continuing care. We love consultative services here at The Center for Stress Medicine! This offers us opportunity to work collaboratively with your primary care providers. 

-I don't need medications. What are my options at your practice? 

We have several different options for services! Our passion is in customizing our services to our client's needs. Please see our services page for our list of specialties. Clients also do not have to work with a single provider. Our approach is team based and encourage patients to see any of our clinicians who can support them in their health goals.  

Interested in becoming a patient?

See our "New Clients" page for more information and to get started with the screening process. 

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