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Genetic Testing

​We run a full genetic profile on all of our new patients and upon request any existing patients.  We use two outside companies, Genomind and Pathway Genomics, in order to customize your treatment plan specifically to you. 


Allows for Dr. Van Anrooy to quickly find appropriate, effective treatment for you based on your physiological and genetic profile. Genomind can be used for a range of psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD. For more information visit Genomind will bill your insurance who will either pay some of none of your bill. You will then receive a bill from Genomind reflecting your balance due. Once you recieve this bill you can submit for financial assistance and Genomind will evaluate your income and adjust your bill accordingly, typically our patients pay less than $399. There is a different billing process for United Healthcare customers so please contact us with questions specific to UHC.  If you have any questions about this process please Contact Us

Pathway Genomics

The Pathway Fit test allows for Kayli Meyers to customize an individualize a plan for lifestyle changes. It tests a variety of genes that influence your response to diet, metabolism, and exercise-related traits, as well as obesity-related health conditions and medications. For more information visit Pathway has several tests that we are able to order but the two main tests that we offer are: 

  • Pathway Fit: $160 ​

  • Sport IQ: $86

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