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Whole body wellness begins with optimal brain health and a strong foundation. Our team's extensive experience and expertise will bring you the latest evidence based assessments and interventions. We only offer products and services that are backed by extensive research as well as clinical evidence of effectiveness. 


Dr. Sara Van Anrooy, MD, ABOIM

Integrative Medicine and Psychiatric Physician

American Board of Integrative Medicine

Diplomate, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Dr. Van Anrooy believes in an integrative approach to healthcare and investing her time in her patients in order to assure they receive the best care possible. While overseeing all clinical services, she also takes the primary role in the treatment plan for our clients with complex medical conditions. 

Dr. Van Anrooy has been feeding her passion for whole patient care by studying Integrative Medicine since her first day of medical school at Michigan State University. She has continued to grow her knowledge over nearly 30 years of practicing medicine. After many years of anticipation in 2014 Dr. Van Anrooy was one of the first physicians to pass the boards in the new physician specialty of Integrative Medicine. 

In her free time Dr. Van Anrooy enjoys spending time being active outdoors, dong anything from hiking to zip lining. On weekends she is frequently camping with her husband, Mike, and their three English Setters or spending time with her three kids and two grandchildren. 

Dr. Van Anrooy specializes in: 

  • Integrative Medicine

  • Genetics 

  • Functional brain imaging

  • Sleep Medicine, insomnia 

  • Focus 

  • Mood swings 

  • Trauma 

  • Eating disorders 


Dr. Van Anrooy brings to our practice:   

  • Clinical and administrative practice since 1990

  • Board certified in Integrative Medicine & Psychiatry

  • Behavioral health genetic testing since 2008. 

  • Bipolar mini-fellowship, University of CO, 1995.

  • Sleep Medicine externship, Dartmouth College, 1985. 

  • Additional training & experience in PTSD, eating disorders and functional brain imaging 

Kayli's Headshot Edit.jpg

Kayli Meyers, CPT, NBC-HWC

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

Certified Phlebotomist 

Kayli has been at The Center for Stress Medicine since 2014. She is very passionate about guiding her clients through lifestyle changes and inspiring change. She works with each client to create an individual plan to motivate and support them on their journey to reach optimal health. Her background in nutrition supports her foundational belief that what we put into our body directly affects our physical and mental health.


Currently Kayli is working on developing several community programs and outreach opportunities for our practice. Her most recent program is a series of wellness presentations and offering Pathway genetic testing to the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. 

In her free time Kayli enjoys big and small game hunting, training horses, and spending time on their "mini-ranch" with her husband and their two daughters. 

Kayli specializes in:

  • Weight management

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Exercise programs

  • Stress management

  • Sleep coaching​

  • Wellness program development

  • Meal planning

  • Autoimmune Disease Nutrition Specialist

  • ADD/ADHD and Bipolar skills coaching


Kayli brings to our team: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from Purdue University Global 

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • First Line Therapy Certified

  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician

  • 3 years of volunteer experience in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

  • Extensive knowledge of Integrative Medicine

  • Passion for continued education in patient care

  • Certified Autoimmune Nutrition Specialist


Abby Appleman, MA 

Office Manager

Medical Assistant

Abby is the heart of our operation! As many of our patients would agree she is a bright spot in our day. Abby has been with The Center for Stress Medicine since 2017. Her passion for providing medical concierge services helps her to guide our clients in their treatment plan to ensure they are meeting with the right clinicians for their goals. 

In her free time Abby loves spending time outdoors camping, and hiking with her husband, Barry, and their daughter. 

Abby brings to our team:


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assisting 

  • Outstanding customer service skills 

  • Medical concierge services 


Exceptional Quality

Finding Peaks episode with Chris Burns, Founder & CEO of Peaks Recovery interviewing our Dr Van Anrooy and Health and Wellnes coach Kayli Meyers about our general approach to Health and Wellness. Incorporating cutting edge, evidence based data such as genetic profiles along with healthy lifestyles helps us achieve better results faster in promoting optimal brain health, healing and performance.

Our Dr. Van Anrooy is interviewed on the Randy & Christa Show about the role of Vitamin D in brain health and healing. Technically not a vitamin, it is a hormone building block formed naturally in our skin when exposed to UV-B sunrays. Vitamins by definition we get primarily through food. Whilesome foods contain Vitamin D either naturally or as an additive, our primary source is the same sun rays that tan us (and can burn which is bad for everything). Sunblock can protect us from harmful burning yet alsoblock the natural creation of Vitamin D. Optimal Vitamin D levels are one of our most important epigenetic factors. These factors determine whether healthy or unhealthy genes are transcribed/expressed in our cells. Ironically, we may inherit the genetic risk factor for Vitamin D deficiency. So once our Vitamin D becomes depleted, ie levels below 50 ng/mL, we are more likely to have our genetic risk factor expressed which further depletes our levels.

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