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At home Micronutient testing 

Ensuring that you have ideal nutrient levels is a perfect way to optimize overall health and immunity. 

Micronutrient DBS Test.jpg

How does Micronutrient testing work? 

Step 1: Call our office at (303)663-0360 and request a test kit be mailed to you 

Step 2: Vibrant will mail the kit directly to your house. Once the kit arrives follow the enclosed directions for collecting the sample. Your kit will include everything you need to complete the test. 

Step 3: Mail your kit back to Vibrant and notify our office you have sent it back. We will then set up a review appointment with either Kayli Meyers, NBC-HWC or Dr. Van Anrooy, MD 

Step 4: Once your results are in you will have your review appointment either face-to-face or via telemedicine, depending on your personal preferences. During the review appointment we will discuss your results as well as make recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement changes that may be necessary. 


Testing cost: 

The Vibrant test is $199 

Review appointment: 

Kayli Meyers, NBC-HWC (35 min) $85

Dr. Sara Van Anrooy, MD (20 min) $240

Reach out to our office today with any questions or to get started! 


Add on testing: 

Omega 3 Ratio: $49

Serum draw Micronutrient panel: $299 (total, not additional) 

For more information about Vibrant Wellness and the testing that they offer visit

Micronutrient information request

Our office will reach out in 24 business hours

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